• Birth:
    Date 9-11-1903 at maternal grand father’s house – salej,native palce kacholi (dist.Navsari)

    At Gramseva dixit, Gujarat Vidyapith in (14-01-1931) , Ahmedabad. (Honoured by mahatma Gandhi with "Gramseva Dixit" Certificate)

    Befor independence:
    Namak satyagrah picketing ,civil disobedience of the ‘Hind Chodo’ fight ,five times imporisonment, soldier of sevadal of congress, Active service at Harigan’s Ashrams,active Partiicipent of "Harigans" under " gramseva.

    Post Independence Service:
    *Active co-operative worker M.L.A. [Mumbai state legislative Assembly[1952-57]

    *Established : Gandhighar, Kacholi [founder president] started B.C. Hostel [1953] charitable dispensary [1954] established school for deaf & dumb [1962] school for deaf girls [1983] printing press [1967] &Computer classes [1999] for deaf.

    *Fonder President : SARDAR SMARK TRUST, RAHEJ [Gandevi] encouraging youths thru cycle race, cycle rally, padyatra , sewing & Embroidery training for ladies village industry, child development.

    *Founder President : BHARAT RATNA MARARJI DESAI PRATHISTHAN Gandevi : Campaign, Organic Faming, Uses of pyramid, Naturopathy& Alternate medicare research &propagation.

    *Founder President : Apang Sevak Saungh.

    Other Construcktive Activities:
    By Sardar Smark Trust , Gandevi [Founder :President –Shri.Kikubhai Naik]

    Encourage To The Youth:
    Bicycle race ,Bicycle reli padyaatars, sewing for womren embrodari training,activities for the rise of women , encourage to the village industry, child development activites etc.

    Strke for anti –habituation.Child Save Abhiyan,Animate Agriculter, Pyramid Therapy ,Nature Cure Center.




    * Visited & praised by the president Mr. Sanjeev Reddi 14-11-1981.

    * Visited Governor L. Sharada Mukarji 24-11-1981.

    * Honoured by the Government of Gujarat for distinctive work in the field of handicapped 26-12-1981.

    * Honoured by the chief Minister Keshavbhai Patel as a renowred Freedom Fighter. 15-8-1999.

    * Honoured by the sevadal Academy 26-12-1999.

    * Honoured by certi of praise for contribution to Alternate Medicare at pune 4-10-2000.

    * Honoured at Uruli Kanchan by the Nisargopachar Gram Sudhar Trust & awarded certificate for vaikalpic chikitsa Regopchar Shibir 17/20-10-2000.

    * Honoured as ‘Guest of honour’ by zorastrian college 27-5-2001.

    * Honoured with ‘servants of the peoples society’ by vice President [India ] Mr. KRISHNAKANT at Vadodra 30-9-2001.

    * Honoured by K.G Naik centenary celebration committee 9-11-2003.

    * Honoured by Gandevi Taluka Khedut Sahakari Saungh on Golden Jubillee Year.

    * Honoured by Sajiv Kheti Utkarsh Mandal by Rev. Swami MANISHANAND.

    AWARDS :

    * Tamrapatra Inscripted copper plaque as Freedom Fighter 15-8-1972.

    * State Handicapped welfare Award 26-12-1981.

    * Prashastipatra certificate of praise by GANDHINAGAR TRUST 14-2-1982.

    * Celebration of Amrut Mahostav with a bag of Rs. Seven Lakhs 1984.

    * Presentation of National Award by President Zail Sing for child welfare 6-4 1984.

    * State award for appreciable services in the field of child Development 21-9-1984.

    * National Award by President Venkat Raman for excellent work in the field of welfare of Handicapped 19-3-1989.

    * State award for the service activities for handicapped 7-8-1997.

    * Millenium Award by the Zorastrian college 8-1-2000.

    * International Medal of Merit 27-5-2001.

    * Mahadev Desai Social Services Award by Gujarat Vidyapeeth 1-1-2003

    * Award for social services by Anavil Samaji MUMBAI 2003.

    * Kanjibhai Desai Gujarat Pratibha Award by Vishwa Gujarati Samaj by chief Minister Narendra Modi 13-4-2003.

    * Honoured & Award ed by K.G Naik Centenary celebration committee 9-11-2003 .


My Anguish:

  •              After many years of slavery, we got our Freedom mainly due to Mahatma Gandhiji’s efforts but we forgot his ideals and constructive works and programmes. What have we gained by doing it? Today there is all around moral degradation and lack of perspective or direction. In such circumstances is it possible for social workers and patriots not to be anguished?

                It is five and a half decades since the country achieved its freedom. Is it not, therefore, now a proper time to take stock of and evaluate, so called progress that we claim we have made? We employed our best brains to formulate our five years plan of economic growth, Let us pause and brood whether those plans are really beneficial and progressive. If we find them erroneous and defective, why should we be ashamed to admit it and rectify the mistakes?

                Did any body think of keeping constructive work and approach at the centre of these plans? What concert steps have we taken to solve our country’s main problems of Ignorance poverty and population explosion? To what a miserable state have the educated planners reduced our predominantly agricultural country and our rural areas! On one hand our godowns are over flowing with food grains whilst on the other hand millions of people are dying because of hunger and lack of food. Who is responsible for this? Is not true that whilst five-year plans are meant to raise people prosparity and welfare, in reality the graph and index of people’s ignorance, hunger and population are continuously rising? Is this progress or aggress? Country’s main problem are population explosion and hunger : ignorance, blind-faith and superstitions aggravate them Has planning arrested these forces?

                Ours is a predominantly agricultural country. Village self-sufficiency should be the basis of its economic and social progress. By keeping aside this basic thing and blin dfoldedly following foreign country’s norms, what have our leaders achieved? By exiting bullocks from agriculture only slaughter houses have prospered; and using tractors instead of ploughs has ruined the land. On the top of all this, indiscriminate use of chemicals fertilizers, both crops and land been ruined. Have not only played health by spraying chemicals on crops? It gave rise to diseases of various kinds leading to import of new kinds of medicines, injections etc. what sort of progress is this? On the one side there is a sickly ailing society and costly health services! What was the consideration in not adopting health services based on herbal treatment? Basic necessity of the public is good potable water and clean air. Inspite of having tremendous natural wealth, public is deprived of both these basic necessities. Who will take the responsibility for this? Hazardous chemicals waste from factories are being dumped on the banks of our mother like holy rivers: who can forgive this? who will stop the erroneous system of introducing mineral water on one hand and on the other hand allowing pollution of potable rain water which nature gives freely? Can country’s majority population afford this mineral water? It is becoming increasingly impossible to get pure food these days because of indiscriminate use of fertilizers and spraying of crops with chemicals. Is any body taking steps to prevent number of diseases resulting from impure food?

                On the educational front also the atmosphere is totally polluted. Children are being crushed under the unbearable burden of school bags. Who is responsibility of finding solution for this? What sort of heartlessness is this? There is a serious crisis on energy front as well. On the one hand they build attractive plants of thermal power and Atomic power whilst on the other hand Gujarat is deprived of its own gas. What considerations are there behind the plans of bringing coal to Gujarat from Bihar and taking Gujarat’s gas to Uttar Pradesh? Our country is blessed with plentiful solar energy, wind energy and energy which can be generated from sea waves. Why is no research encouraged on these fronts? Energy can be produced even from cow urine and trees. Gobar gas plants can produce energy. why is this not encouraged?

                Our country has abandon man power. Why is planning of our country not manpower specific? Is this planning not responsible for goading simple, peace-loving, energetic agricultural labour into city slums and zupadpatti? Look at the shine of its success and achievements! Now-a-days the rich is getting poorer. Is this increasing gap between the rich and the poor not dangerous for social stability and security? Who creates this situation where the poor are driven to undesirable ways and means and pushed on to criminal activities? Who is manipulating al this? Do these very manipulators feel any safe? What concrete steps have been taken to reduce poverty? What great things do you find in politics except hereditory leadership, nepotism, favouritism, flattery and corruption? Have the martyrs of yore sacrificed their lives for criminalization of politics and public life of mud flinging?

                Today, whereas, the foreign countries are applauding our achievement and image. Are not our own leaders, under the pretex of economic reforms , allowing multinational corporation to exploit our country’s resources? Who is benefiting by indiscriminate import of foreign goods whilst chocking the progress of our indigenous industry? What sort of progress is it when you encourage the poorest of poor to use Coke and Pepsi?

                 Now a days they allow situation to be created wherein diseases spread and desperately try to find remedies for such diseases. People are desperate under sick industrial atmosphere and unemployment whilst the politicians try to find excuses for it and they go unscathed. There is limit to their callousness!

                What has the country got in last five and a half decade of independence? Crushing burden of debt on country’s head, scarcity, dearness, unemployment, sickness, hunger!! Who is benefiting under the pretex of helping the backward class! Do you hear anything any where about investigating the root cause of these problems? Have not the word s like people’s welfare and people’s happiness marginalised in party politics, unstable government Does democracy mean ruling at the expence of the people? When will this country achieve mature status and its glory?

                We had been groping in the dark when the country was not independent. Five and a half decades of independence has not been able to dispel that darkness. Is our country destined to be ever will another Gandhi rise to remedy this?